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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1965 Topps Base Set206Horton, Willie4$0.48
Buy it Today1966 Topps Base Set20Horton, Willie27$0.30
Buy it Today1967 Topps Base Set465Horton, Willie12$2.04
Buy it Today1968 Topps Base Set360Horton, Willie4$0.45
Buy it Today1969 Topps Base Set180Horton, Willie2$0.95
Buy it Today1969 Topps Base Set429Horton, Willie14$0.20
Buy it Today1969 Topps Decals Inserts17Horton, Willie2$1.49
Buy it Today1969 Topps Deckle Inserts9Horton, Willie7$0.50
Buy it Today1970 Kellogg's Base Set69Horton, Willie1$1.50
Buy it Today1970 Topps Base Set520Horton, Willie6$0.45
Buy it Today1971 O-Pee-Chee Base Set120Horton, Willie1$1.00
Buy it Today1972 Topps Base Set494Horton, Willie8$0.55
Buy it Today1972 Topps Base Set750Horton, Willie6$4.50
Buy it Today1973 Topps Base Set433Horton, Willie22$0.18
Buy it Today1974 Kellogg's Base Set23Horton, Willie1$0.40
Buy it Today1974 Topps Base Set115Horton, Willie28$0.18
Buy it Today1975 Hostess Base Set36Horton, Willie1$0.60
Buy it Today1975 SSPC Base Set360Horton, Willie3$0.18
Buy it Today1975 Topps Base Set66Horton, Willie33$0.18
Buy it Today1976 Crane Discs19Horton, Willie4$0.25
Buy it Today1976 Hostess Base Set26Horton, Willie2$0.75
Buy it Today1976 Topps Base Set320Horton, Willie39$0.18
Buy it Today1977 Topps Base Set660Horton, Willie44$0.18
Buy it Today1978 Topps Base Set290Horton, Willie108$0.18
Buy it Today1979 O-Pee-Chee Base Set252Horton, Willie3$0.18
Buy it Today1979 Topps Base Set239Horton, Willie78$0.18
Buy it Today1980 O-Pee-Chee Base Set277Horton, Willie1$0.25
Buy it Today1980 Topps Base Set532Horton, Willie97$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Pacific Legends83Horton, Willie23$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Swell Baseball Greats41Horton, Willie15$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Action Packed All-Star Gallery73Horton, Willie16$0.18
Buy it Today2001 SP Legendary Cuts Debut Game BatB-WHHorton, Willie1$3.00
Buy it Today2001 Topps American Pie111Horton, Willie12$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Topps Archives45Horton, Willie17$0.18
Buy it Today2001 Topps Archives155Horton, Willie28$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Topps Archives97Horton, Willie8$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites142Horton, Willie30$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Upper Deck Legends TT33Horton, Willie6$0.18
Buy it Today2004 Upper Deck Legends TT79Horton, Willie8$0.18
Buy it Today2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants Signatures SilverWHHorton, Willie2$5.00
Buy it Today2006 Fleer Greats of the Game98Horton, Willie20$0.18
Buy it Today2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Tigers GreatsWHHorton, Willie7$0.18
Buy it Today2008 Hero Decks Seattle Mariners13CHorton, Willie1$1.00
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